JESUS.  He is the King of kings and Lord of lords.  He is both Son of Man and Son of God, and He came to Earth out of His great love to save us from our sins.

These words can easily roll off of our tongue as an answer for He is.  They all are true indeed, but there is so much more to Him – so much more to be explored and laid hold of in pursuing Him.

In following His call to “Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness” (Matthew 6:33) it is imperative that we begin our Kingdom pursuit by opening ourselves up to a greater revelation and experience of the King Himself.  The more we know Him, the more we understand who He is to us and who He can be through us, the more our vision is cleared and expanded to pursue the Kingdom of God that is at hand before us.

Whether raised in a church or coming to a relationship with Him later in life, our perception of Jesus was most likely framed by the cultural and religious context in which we first met Him.  That framework had the opportunity to serve as a great launching pad to seek after further revelation and experience of Him – but let’s face it, that is not always the encouragement and freedom we are given to run in when we first give our life to Jesus.  Many experience discipleship through well-intentioned leaders governed by a (spoken or unspoken) codebook set to help modify behavior and beliefs to a commonly acceptable standard.  Without realizing it, our initial passion and hunger for more was most likely channeled into learning how to better conform to the Christian culture around us rather than truly seeking after the further revelation and Kingdom treasures available.  Depending on the environment which shaped us, we may even be inclined to think it is wrong to seek for more of Him beyond that of our familiar church culture.

No matter how long you have known Jesus, and no matter what degree of maturity or giftings you believe (or have been told) you walk in, THERE IS ALWAYS MORE available to you.  The King and His Kingdom are limitless and He shows no partiality in who He chooses to reveal Himself to.  This blog is a public journey attempting to lay aside any ounce of religious limitation that has previously framed my perceptions, and explore who the Bible says and who Holy Spirit confirms Jesus to be. I invite you along on my journey and pray that it inspires and encourages you in your own Pursuit of Him.